4K Action Cam GPS

  • Multimedia Speakers
  • 120 watts peak
  • Front-facing subwoofer

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 is featuring a 12.35 MP Sony IMX377 sensor for a faster 4K recording, the initial Xiaomi yi Camera has 16 MP Image sensor from Sony

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Xiaomi is all set to release its new 4K Sports Action Camera (Yi Action Camera 2) into the market very soon, a year back on March 2 2015 xiaomi launched its first affordable Xiaoyi Sports actions camera for $66 with high end specifications and breathtaking image quality, this still sells as a hot cake.

Though the news is not officially listed on Xiaomi’s website, but official Yi Facebook confirmed , new Xiaomi 4K Sports Camera is on its way! A quick look at the new 4K version of Xiaomi reveals that it has got the LCD display along with the Ambarella A9SE75 Master Chip with 4K video recording at 30 Frames per second. and comes equipped with Broadcom BCM43340 wireless chip.

The New 4K version will be available in black and white colors for around less than $150. Below are the quick specifications and features of the New 2016 Xiaomi Yi 4K Sports Action Camera 2.

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